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Thanks From Hitomi Yoshizawa


To gentleman whom I met in Shinjuku and worked as♡
Thank you for an invitation today. I have beaten fast with you who were wonderful of the smile. Thank you for telling music of rihanna! In addition, come to Japan to play!

Thanks From Hitomi Yoshizawa


Gentleman whom I met in Narita and to spend time  together♡
I met and did it and was fun today.
How was my massage?
I was glad to do consideration finely. In addition, please come to Japan to play.

Thanks From Hitomi Yoshizawa


I was nervous pounding at Tall good-looking.

And your kind and caring and healing time together.

Because I feel I’m piling up fatigue is becoming warm, take care,.

Hitomi Yoshizawa

hitomi From Hitomi Yoshizawa


Thank you for invitation.

Today, Yoshizawa and fun thank you.
Glad your delicate and gentle atmosphere, a lot of sensitive body and tired mentally and physically healed.

Also please let me hold you warm your body!
I’ll wait.

Hitomi Yoshizawa

thank you From Hitomi Yosizawa


To you whom I met at Tokyo Station and worked as♡

I invite it to the wonderful room last night, and thank you.
I was glad to talk about the favorite music. Please enjoy it live broadcasting!


【video】Ren Hasumi


Ren Hasumi(21)
T.153 B.86(E) W.57 H.84

She has great body proportion, beautiful, and service are wonderful, and so popular therapist.

Thank you! from Mai


Thank you for a day before yesterday.
I was captivated by your tall and beautiful eyes…
I was passionately asked by you, I had a very nice night.

I would be happy to see you when you came back to Japan.
Please take good care of yourself.

Good evening from Ran Katori


Good evening
It is very cold today.
Today we work until 2 o'clock at night

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