hitomi From Hitomi Yoshizawa by Admin

Thank you for invitation.

Today, Yoshizawa and fun thank you.
Glad your delicate and gentle atmosphere, a lot of sensitive body and tired mentally and physically healed.

Also please let me hold you warm your body!
I’ll wait.

Hitomi Yoshizawa

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thank you From Hitomi Yosizawa by Admin

To you whom I met at Tokyo Station and worked as♡

I invite it to the wonderful room last night, and thank you.
I was glad to talk about the favorite music. Please enjoy it live broadcasting!


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Thank you! from Mai by Admin

Thank you for a day before yesterday.
I was captivated by your tall and beautiful eyes…
I was passionately asked by you, I had a very nice night.

I would be happy to see you when you came back to Japan.
Please take good care of yourself.

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