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Hello 😃


It’s getting hotter in the second half of May!

The heat of the daytime might be unbearable for a moment 💧 lol

Thank you very much for the visitor who spent time with me and the other day!
Thank you for this appointment, and for booking with your slip 😊

I was happy to be able to talk a lot after a long time (^^)

I am planning to go to work, but I am going to work with basic, gold, Sat, Sun, moon and Fire!
And I’m going to work at 6pm today 😊

I’m looking forward to seeing you (^^) So, excuse me 🙌
Keito Aida

It’s Saturday.



It’s fine today 😌
How are you? The person who worked hard, and the person who holds out from now on, please come to me to take a rest! We are waiting for you ♡
Reona Nakagawa

Today’s Special 💠


We look forward to hearing from you for three days from today 🌟 Please let me massage the body of tiredness well ❤️

Nice to meet you


I will introduce myself easily because there are a lot of people to start ♪
My name is Nakagawa.
I love spicy food and sweets ♡

The personality is often said to be bright (° °)

I like it and blame it, but I love it, but M people like it comparatively (laughs)

So if you like flirting, please tell me a secret ♡ So, thank you (оf ́ ∀ ‘ оf)

Please tell me


Since I started working in this shop, I have been happy to heal my customers.
But recently…
I’m starting to feel fun to go to your feet tired of lymphatic massage and hear your painful screams 😎
It doesn’t hurt to have malice! Everyone got a crisp and easy feet!

It says. 😌💕) If there are people who want pain and pleasure together, please tell me 💛

I want to see you.


It is a little chilly temperature today.
I came out of the house while I was worrying about my clothes. I was scheduled to come to the office at 14:00 today, but the schedule has changed.
I went to the office at 15:30.
And the customer who made the reservation immediately!
Thank you very much!
It is until 11 pm today.
I’m looking forward to seeing you guys.
Nana Arakaki

My abs are sore muscles


My abs are sore muscles 😊
My body aches because I was forced to exercise. I have muscular pain, but I like the feeling of exhilaration after it finishes.
The next morning, when I was training my muscles, I felt pain.

I don’t get up from bed for a while.
Like insects, they are dressed in futon. I also massage a lot today 💕
From Mikoto Natsukawa



How was the Golden Week?
Let me tell you a lot ☺️ From Chiba Yuuna

A newcomer has entered our store!


This content usually adds the therapist’s diary.
But now you are looking at this article written by me (the clerk).
I think you think so.
I could do what I wanted to tell you.
Number 82.
Did you see her picture?
Her name is KannaSuzuki.
She was working abroad.
She can speak English properly.
As you know, our shop is open in Japan.
Japanese English education makes it difficult for people who can speak English to grow.
I also study daily.
Have you ever received a massage outside our store?
Did the woman who came to you speak English properly?
If you can communicate, you should find it fun.
And above all, she prefers men grown abroad to men grown in Japan.
I wrote this article wholeheartedly to convey it to you.
I want to make time to interact with her favorite overseas men.
And I hope this article will be one of the opportunities you are interested in her beauty.

It is May.


Hello 🎶

The second half of Golden Week
It is very nice weather, it’s hot.

I am going to work from today to the 9th ❣️

Customers who have not decided the remaining holiday schedule.
People who get bored with work regardless of consecutive holidays.
You who wanted to meet last month

We look forward to welcoming you

Minatsu Shiina