A newcomer has entered our store!

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This content usually adds the therapist’s diary.
But now you are looking at this article written by me (the clerk).
I think you think so.
I could do what I wanted to tell you.
Number 82.
Did you see her picture?
Her name is KannaSuzuki.
She was working abroad.
She can speak English properly.
As you know, our shop is open in Japan.
Japanese English education makes it difficult for people who can speak English to grow.
I also study daily.
Have you ever received a massage outside our store?
Did the woman who came to you speak English properly?
If you can communicate, you should find it fun.
And above all, she prefers men grown abroad to men grown in Japan.
I wrote this article wholeheartedly to convey it to you.
I want to make time to interact with her favorite overseas men.
And I hope this article will be one of the opportunities you are interested in her beauty.

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