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Hello  from seira


There are very much customers from foreign countries recently, and I can’t speak English, so there would be a person who isn’t satisfied, too.
A small present from me was planned for a customer from such foreign countries.
A massage goods of a shoulder.
It’ll be 10 of limitation, so please take care.

Nice to meet you from Riku Shiraki


In the yukata, excuse me ︎
Shiraki Riku ️ Thank you. ︎

Today is the first massage, so I am very nervous and tense.

It’s my first time to make a reservation. I am very happy! Thank you very much.

I hope you feel better…

Denmark by Yuria


I came back to Japan from Denmark..: * (* *) …:: *

Denmark was easy to spend comfortably!
It was good as to meet with friends and sightseeing ♡
I am going to go again because November in my birthday!

Have a nice day ((o (* ω ω ∇ * o) o))

Hello from Tsubasa kobayasi


Hi, I’m tsubasa
The heat is about to hurt.
How are you,
I don’t want to get out of the room with air-conditioning anymore

From 15:00 to 20:00 in such a hot weather today
I will go to work.
I will do my best today to heal the body and mind of the tired ‼ ︎
If your time is right, please come and see me!


Good evening! from Karen


Good evening dear
It was hot and humid today, is not it ️ ️ Authentic summer

I’m going to work today as well ♡
I am waiting for everyone’s coming (((o (* ゚ ▽ ゚) o)))