Asuna Natsume No.74 by Asuna Natsume

Nice to meet you!
I am going to work from today.
I am Asuna Natsume No.74 ^ ^

I was nervous on the first day,
To meet all of you
I wish I had a good time with you.

It’s hot again today.
For healing the tired body
Please come and see me.

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Thank you by YuunaChiba

Good Evening ✨
Thank you for your flowers 😘
It is very beautiful and cute 💕✨💖 I decorated it in my room. It’s bright! Thank you very much 🙏🏻💕

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In the Rain by Nana Aragaki

I went to work! I am going to work at five today.
It’s raining today. I have been fond of music for a long time.
How much I like it, I can not live without music ♪
Whenever I go out, I listen to music that matches the mood of the day. I want you to tell me if there is a recommendation because I do not know a song to listen on Rainy day.

It is until 11 pm today. Please come to play.

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Dear my valued customer by Chika Matsumoto

I’m bored to death.
Do you want me to give you a massage?
Please call my name.

No.27 C H I K A

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Good evening by MariaMizuno

Recently, without a sense of the day of the week Monday!

I was alive until a little while ago, Maria 😂

I have to be strong 💦 It’s not raining today, so I’m glad to have a good chunk of my hair 😚


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Hi♪ by Mai Sakurai

It is unusual today to go to work from noon.

(॑ ꒳ ॑ c) Matt
It was raining and it went up 😭
There were many people who were in a dull mood (‘ • ௰ • ‘) ☂ Do not refresh together??


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Hello by MinatsuShiina

Hello ❣️
Long time 🎶 I was supposed to go to Tokyo last week.
However, I was sick and did not go to Tokyo. I’ll write it in my diary when I decide 💕 I’m going to Tokyo in the end or next month. 😊

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