From No.89 by Admin


I am here!

It is cold today…
Please be careful not to catch a cold!

I am going to work until 22 o’clock.
I am waiting for your reservation ♡


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From Rino No.22 by Admin

Hi (* ‘꒳ `*)
I bought a new underwear.

As I gradually get warmer, I will probably buy spring color soon.

Today is from 24: 00-5:30

Next week’s schedule
25th 20: 30 ~
26th 21: 00 ~

(* ‘꒳ `*) Because I can hardly come out in March …I am waiting for you 💜


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From Aika No.20 by Admin

Hi! This is Aika No.20
Today is from 19 o’clock to 3 o’clock. I am here.
I am looking forward to seeing you soon ♡

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Nice to meet you! by Admin

It is the sea that I am indebted by an escort massage from January!

It’s my first time in the diary.

If you have met, that verse is… thank you M (* _ _) M ❤ (laughs)

I’m still immature, but I’m studying seriously, so I hope you can teach me a lot of people 😭 💓

It was the first greeting ❤ Shirosaki Umi 🐑

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