Darling ♡ by Admin


I go to work at 19: 00 – 2: 30 (1 ‘ڡ’ 1)
We are waiting for the teaser ♪

Today I played with the children ~ (● ‘ω ● ●)

It was fun ♪
I was healed (* ‘ω `*)

I like kids 9 (‘ᗜ’ *) و
It is honest and cute (‘o ̴ – ̷̤ o ̴ – ̷̤’)

I had such a time too
I think (lol)

The rose of the picture is actually a lamp. ꒰⌯͒ • · ̫ • ⌯͒꒱

It is made by freezing real flowers called Brizabudo flower and making it ଘ (7 ‘꒳’) 7

It is one of my favorite interiors ✨

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Hi♡ ♡ ♡   by Admin

I took it today!
Even with yourself in a sense of dullness
I am surprised (u_u)

Tighten this to
I would like to go (u_u)

A rib is
Because it stands out pretty balanced
I thought that it was bad (T_T)

Just new today just today
I got it so I will try hard (u_u)

Lots of styles when it gets better
Please praise ♫

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Thank you ! Hope to see you again. by Admin

today I heard that you call me again. but after that we can’t meet…(>_<) If possiveble I like same customer ... I want to papa about 5 man. it's ok. Hope to see you soon .repeat customers. much LOVE❤️

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Hi ♡ by Admin

I am Akane. (•  •) ♡

In the daytime it was sunny and warm, but you can still do it at night.

Since I am end cold, my feet are colored anyway ... I'm happy if the gentle warms up (* 'ω `*)

Please warm up together warmly 
I am waiting for it. ヾ (· ω · `;) ノ

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hello from Akane Shinoda by Admin

Hi Akane (• digraphs) ♡

I went to work today ✨
I’m still learning… (><)
If you have time, please come to the warm!

We are waiting for you (・ ω ・ ‘;)

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