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Good Evening ♡


Good evening everyone!

It is an aika ♡

It’s cold today too (> _

Long time no see Mikoto


I had a good night ✨
Body maintenance to deliver healing massage

I don’t want to.
We look forward to hearing from you today (๑ ̑ ◡ ̑ ๑) Let’s flirting 💕

Good evening, nice to meet you.


My name is Rina Asakawa!
Today is the first time to go to work nervous,
It’s fun and satisfying to you all

😊 😊
Because I’m the last.

I would be happy if you would come!

♡ We are waiting for you The other.

тнайк чoμ❤︎


Hi ❣ ️

Everyone (❤ ︎ ° ᴗ °)

Thank you very much for your invitation yesterday ✨ ✨
I’m glad you like the book Today 💕

Thank you (❁ ᴗ ͈ ˬ ᴗ ͈)
From 9pm to 23:00
Because it is still possible to book We are looking forward to meet you at the time 🙌

Dear Mr. B,


Dear Mr. B,

How have you been? I’ve been thinking about you.
Thank you for today. I think you are very attractive. I’m glad you seem to have enjoyed my service.
Now I know how wonderful you are. I’m looking forward to seeing you again. Hope you’ll have a nice trip.



Hello,I’m reina.


Hello,I’m reina.

I will take a day off because I’m not feeling well.
I’m really sorry despite having made a reservation.

I hope to see you again.

Dear Mr. T ❤️


Thank you always❤️




Hello! 🥰

Yesterday was a very nice night!🔥😍

I’m looking forward to tonight too! 🥰💕

Let’s have fun together💕

plesase call me☎︎ (Sakura🌸)

NO.23 sakura


Good evening! ✨Today it is until 20: 00-5: 00! 🥰💕

I am looking forward to spending a wonderful time with a wonderful person.❤️

plesase call me ☎︎💕(Sakura🌸)

Happy New Year 🐗 ✨


Thank you again this year ✊ 🏼
Thank you very much for your reservation today!
I’m glad you chose me’ll have the New Year ☺ ️ 💞

I hope I can bring you a lot of healing ✨ ✨ I have been to work until two o’clock today, so we are still waiting for your inquiry ❣ ️