The last day of Heisei by Admin

Hello, today is the last day of Heisei.
I am resting at home so that I can get well soon (laughs).
I hope you are healthy. Miyu Sato

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From midnight 💕 by Admin

Good evening, my name is Serika 😊
I will go to work at 0 o’clock today
Could you play with me today? . (‘· Ω · `)
I will serve you with love
Mizuki Serika

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🐱Mikoto🐱 by Admin

Recently, my feet have become slightly thinner. Did I do a special foot exercise? I asked myself.
I remembered. I bought shoes that my feet didn’t hurt. It is a bit expensive, but it is comfortable and cute.
It was not the color I wanted to buy. But I am very happy with this effect.

When I went to the store to buy shoes, I saw a traveler’s family buy shoes for the whole family. I thought it was lovely.

My feet are thin but sexyness is not lost ☺️

GW Let’s have fun with us (^. ^) ⤴️

Mikoto Natsukawa

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I love strawberries! by Admin

I came to work after a long absence.
My name is Miyu Sato ☺ I had a relaxing time at the café before I went to work. I’m back with strawberries (laughs) ♪

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I want to have fun with you. by Admin

It’s been a while since you 💕
I wear cute shorts today.

It’s always a favorite today 💕
The massage from the visitor was too pleasant yesterday. Thank you for your compliment. Glad ☺️
Mikoto Natsukawa

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Good Evening 🌟 by Admin

Good Evening 🌟

My name is Minatsu (๑ ° ꒵ ° ๑)
Thank you very much for your invitation from Monday to Sunday ❣️❣️
I was glad to meet you after a long time 💗
There are a lot of people who love anime.

I want to talk to you again if I can meet you 😆 lol
I can’t usually show you today.

I chose the photograph of the kimono appearance 👘
I wore it at my relatives ‘ wedding.

I was in the mood for cosplay lol
I’m going to work until Saturday.
If you want to get tired before the holidays, the beginning of the holidays 💕 I’m waiting for you 🙌

Minatsu Shiina

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I want to meet you by Admin

I came to work from 16:00 today 🎀
I’m flirting with you a lot
I want to.

I want to meet you

I’m looking forward to seeing you.
I’m the other pretty Girls

I would be happy if you could see your profile too!

Guys cute (v. O) ❤️
I like to write a diary 💕💕
💕 Lisa Kuroki

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Hi by Admin

It’s a little muggy today!
It’s already summer. I am weak in summer.
So I think I’ll be a little depressed.
But I have a fun thing too.
In summer, I drink white wine with ice or sherbet ice.
I like it 🥂
I feel like I’ve been to the shrine for the New Year’s service recently.

I feel that time passes quickly.
I’m going to work hard ♪

The energy is full. I want to stick with you a lot.

🎀 I’m waiting for you 🎀💕 Lisa Kuroki

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Hello everyone! by Admin

I’m addicted to muscle training and crunchy plums these days 💪
It seems that there is a store umeboshi to stand in Maihama. I am paying attention. 🤔

Mai Sakurai

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Tired of your work? by Admin

Hi, I’m a Chiemi ✨
Tired of your work?

It’s very warm and easy to spend these days.

There is warm sunshine in the daytime, and I am sleepy in daytime.
But now I feel refreshed 🌸
I can’t wait to see you.

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