Thank you for reservation /No.94 Iroha by TEM Info

Thank you for always making a reservation☺️
I took a picture because I am thinner than the one in the HP✨
I update Hime-channel’s picture every day, please check it♪

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Dear Mr.A from No.94 An by TEM Info

Thank you for making a reservation in advance.
I was moved by the wonderful space.
I was glad that you said it was beautiful.
Please stay with me again.

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Kimono♡from No94 /Iroha by TEM Info

Good evening, i’m Iroha.
Long time no see.
This week’s weather was horrible with a lot of rain.
While I was having a rest, I asked to wear Kimono for private reasons and went for a walk.
I chose chic black for kimono, and the young landlady of the inn was really laughing at my friends lol.
It looks like that? lol
But it’s nice that I can enjoy a trip to a hot spring while wearing Yukata.


(9/14.) I am going to work tomorrow. I will be waiting for your call💕

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Hi! From No.11 Ren by TEM Info

Thank you guys for always coming to see me.
You always cheer me up and I’m so happy to be with you.
I’d like you to make a reservation in advance so that everything goes smoothly.
Stay safe and take care ❤️

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