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Hi! from No.91 Leah


Good evening everyone
This is Leah Hoshiro (NO.91)♪
I am in office right now, I am on work at 22 o’clock.
Although it is a short time, I would be pleased if you invite me. ♪
It’s getting colder a little, so let’s get together warmming 😆💕

Thank you 💕


Thank you Mr J.J✨today🗼
It was very nice to see you!
I hope you had a good Sushi 🍣 haha



Hallo 😊
How’s it going?? Halloween’s coming 😉
Let me “treat” you with my heart 💜

I’m excited to meet you!

Call me Kanon 🤗

I’m on the clock. From NO.91


Hello, ✨.
(* ^^ *) Thank you for yesterday 💕

Dear. Mr, E
Thank you for inviting me yesterday!
I had so good time to talk
with you.
Hope you felt good by my
massages and enjoyed that time with me.
Im looking forward to
seeing you again💕
Thank you so much!
From Leah.

goodevening from NO.12


I’m a thin customer recently!
Just right!
I am glad to have you praise body shape and 😊 It is today until 11pm 😘


Diet from.NO.54


Good evening Midori 😳

I moved my body after a long time, and my hips and thighs became sore muscles 😭

You have to exercise moderately from the usual 😢

Let’s exercise also as a diet 😩 Today is also from 18:00, we look forward to hearing from you 😀

Dear Mr. S,



Dear Mr. S,

How have you been? I’ve been thinking about you.
I didn’t think I could see you again, so I’m very happy to see you. I like someone with a kind heart. Now I know how wonderful you are.
I’m going to miss you. Hope you’ll have a wonderful holiday. Good bye and the best of luck.

Best wishes,



Hello (* ´-‘)from.mikoto


It’s in October, ✨.
It’s not too hot and not too cold, so it’s easier to spend (* ´ ω)
The product of the sweet potato has increased, and I have bought the Anno potato Whip of the lunch pack today 👧

I love it because it is bloat and sweet in a little 😘
Please come to heal today. I’ll be waiting for your reservation!

good evening



hello ♪
It’s such beautiful weather today!
How about aroma massage at the end of the day❓

I am here for you.
Hit me up!❤️