From Minami by Admin

Thanks for the reservation.

I’m looking forward to seeing you.


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From Kanon. by Admin

How’s it goin?
I’m worried about whether you have a heatstroke or not💦💦
Dislike outside💔 wanna chill inside together ✨
I’m available today: 3pm – 11pm
Would like to say hi to you!

Look forward to meet U 😉

Kanon 😉

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Hi 👋 by Admin

It is damn hot these days!!
I hope you haven’t “melt down” 😂

Try me in healing your tiredness and stiffness, not only your body 😉
Chill together ✨💎


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Good afternoon 💎 by Admin

I was so sad with that Japan lost to Belgium 2-3 which was so close!!😭( yet so far…)

Was looking forward to the huge upset, but proud of them.
They did it , our team fought hard obviously,
it was the greatest game in this World Cup for the moment.

Were you rooting for Japan?😝

Looking forward to see you ✨
available today 3-11pm 😉


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Hi ✨✨ by Admin

Hi 😉 how’s it going?
It has been hot these days!

Just the other day, I was craving some ice creams ,then I found a well looked ice cream stand! 🍦
They had so many nice flavors that I couldn’t pick only one.
As you would guess, eventually I ate 3 ice creams in one go🤣

It was natural to have an upset my stomach then…

Don’t do as I did! Lol

I’m looking forward to meet you 😘

Kanon 😉

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