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nice to meet you form Ren


My name is Ren Hasumi
Thank you for visitors.
I am at work today

Would you mind please call me 💗
Time 21:00~28:00

I love snowboarding from Nana.


It’s cold today, is not it? ( ‘· · `)
But I do not like to be cold ♡
Actually, I love snowboarding so today,
I want to go to the slopes when snowed down .

What is Shochu?


Shochu is a Japanese distilled beverage.
It can be made from from barley, sweet potatoes, rice, buckwheat and other ingredients.
There are many ways to drink shochu.

It’s recommendation of one is here “KIRISHIMA”.


KIRISIMA on the rocks, please.


When you come to Japan, be sure to try Shochu.

Thank you from Hitomi


DEAR mr.h
Thank you very much today.
you who are a gentleman at a wonderful hotel:
I was glad to be pleased with my massage twice. Please try work hard.

Thank you from Hitomi.


To you whom I met in Akihabara and worked as♡
Thank you today. Was my massage satisfied?
In addition, I want to meet when I was able to come to Japan.
See you.

Akiyama’s Buddha Bellies classroom


Washoku for the World

An English teacher brings people of different nationalities together through some intensive, hands-on appreciation of traditional Japanese food culture, leading them into the world of Japan’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Akiyama’s Buddha Bellies classroom←click!!

(^-^) Rena Hasegawa



In addition to the day when we can meet
I’m looking forward to.

It’s very cold today.
While warm up together
Glad you chose the sweet moments

Await your call


I went to work.from Karen


Thank you for a good time yesterday

I think that it seems to be hard to work, but I think it will be hard, but please do your best.

I am also going to work today ♪

So waiting for a call.

Good evening! from Yuki Amami


Good evening!

Long time no see

Look forward to seeing you.


I went back now! from Yurino Kanzaki


Well, there is the report on schedule.

Tue, Thu, Fri 12:00-17:00

Please, thank you.
m (_ _) m