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No.57 Airi Saitou

Girls NumberNo.57
NameAiri Saitou
SizesT.157 B.82(D) W.58 H.84
Charm PointEyes
Blood TypeA
Self TrendWalking
Special SkillsBlow job
Available OptionsMassages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special Booking
Self PRNice to meet you, This is Airi Saitou! Thank you for reading my profile! Although I have just started and are still immature, I think that I would like to talk a lot and get along well, and be fun and comfortable. I would be happy if you could tell me kindly! Thank you!
Manager Comment
- Schedule -
1/16 (WED) 23:00 ~ 29:30
1/17 (THU)
1/18 (FRI) 23:00 ~ 29:30
1/19 (SAT)
1/20 (SUN)
1/21 (MON) 23:00 ~ 29:30
1/22 (TUE)