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No.83 Lili Kuroki

Girls NumberNo.83
NameLili Kuroki
SizesT.160 B.92(G) W.57 H.82
Charm PointGcup
Blood TypeA
Hobbylook for Cafe
Self Trend
Special SkillsErotic Massage
Available OptionsMassages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special Booking
Self PRNice to meet you,. At first it may be shy, but I am becoming a sweetbread. As you are satisfied i will serve very hard ♡ "I was healed today as well. "I will do my best to be a therapist who will make you smile!
Manager CommentWe are amazed at elasticity and shape! Beautiful big tits G cup! ! It will surely be healed by fluffy big tits and true white skin ♪ But Her weapon is not the only ones. "Secret Eros" Usually in a certain major company She is doing a guide lady And · · · is also Breast attack from lovely play ♡ Please expect it! ! !
- Schedule -
2/20 (WED)
2/21 (THU)
2/22 (FRI) 16:00 ~ 24:00
2/23 (SAT) 16:00 ~ 24:00
2/24 (SUN)
2/25 (MON)
2/26 (TUE)