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No.54 Midori Nakamura

Girls NumberNo.54
NameMidori Nakamura
SizesT148 B87(F) W58 H88
Charm PointSmall body
Blood TypeO
Self TrendYOU TUBE
Special SkillsMassage/CBJ
Available OptionsBBBJ/Massages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special Booking
Self PREveryone, nice to meet you♡ My name is Midori. Many young and beautiful and pretty girls are enrolled in this shop, Meanwhile, it was accepted by the manager as [Housewife frame]. · · · I am single. I also do everything to [an affair / secret meeting] in a mood, but still I will do my best to be able to spend sweet time together like a lover. And Massage and H Health Play I appreciate that you nominated me despite all the young girls, and I can offer you a dense time that you can not lose to other girls! Thank you for reading to the end.
Manager CommentHousewife frame of Tokyo Escort massage! Although it is not actually a married woman actually ♪ There is no accumulation of sex appeal of adults who can not lose to the recent members. This sex appeal to girls in their teens and early twenties can not be served, but it is a mysterious experience and potential! ! Feeling as if as if you are feeling as if you are doing a popular 'infidelity · secret meeting'. Of course, the total technique is preeminent, and even the play which you are good at ... · · · ♪ like a sweetheart playing ichaya ♪ This gap is also a treat. Anyhow, please enjoy the dense time with the beautiful girl who I positively adopted. You will be able to offer considerable satisfaction! ! !
- Schedule -
1/16 (WED)
1/17 (THU)
1/18 (FRI)
1/19 (SAT) 22:00 ~ 29:30
1/20 (SUN)
1/21 (MON)
1/22 (TUE) 22:00 ~ 29:30