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No.19 Minatsu Shiina

Girls NumberNo.19
NameMinatsu Shiina
SizesT.157 B.95(G) W.57 H.88
Charm PointG-cup boobs!
Blood TypeB
Self TrendDrinking coffee
Special SkillsBlowjob
Available OptionsMassages / Mixed-bathing Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Playing
Special Booking
Self PRNice to meet you! I'm Minatsu. Since I'm quite new in the business, I don't mind being lead. I'm still studying massage, and will always do my best to make you feel good. I'm based in Kyoto, therefore have very few opportunities to meet. I hope we can spend time together. Thank you.
Manager CommentMinatsu's charming character, combined with her great looks (G-cups!) is always a pleasure to spend time with her! You will not have many chances to book her... Choose her and you won't regret it!
- Schedule -
4/24 (WED) 18:00 ~ 27:00
4/25 (THU) 18:00 ~ 27:00
4/26 (FRI) 18:00 ~ 27:00
4/27 (SAT) 16:00 ~ 25:00
4/28 (SUN)
4/29 (MON)
4/30 (TUE)