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No.68 Miyu Satou

Girls NumberNo.68
NameMiyu Satou
SizesT148 B86(C) W58 H85
Charm PointMy back... all the way down!
Blood TypeO
HobbyMaking sweets!
Self TrendDeep pleasure massages
Special SkillsSexy blowjob
Available Options
Special Booking
Self PRHow are you doing? I'm Miyu. What can I say...? I really love flirting!!! You can be as open or as shy as you want, I'll always flirt my way into you!!! Let your naughty self out.... I'm ready for anything and everything :) Including the very best deep blowjob! See you soon!
Manager CommentA winning combination of beauty and brains, Miyu has a great sense of humor but at the same time a very sensual nature that will leave you begging for more!!! Highly recommended!!!
- Schedule -
1/25 (SAT)
1/26 (SUN)
1/27 (MON)
1/28 (TUE)
1/29 (WED)
1/30 (THU)
1/31 (FRI)