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No.56 Miyu Saujyo

Girls NumberNo.56
NameMiyu Saujyo
SizesT158 B82(D) W57 H83
Charm PointHer voice
Blood TypeO
Self TrendCooking
Special SkillsMassage
Available OptionsVIP
Special Booking
Self PRNice to meet you♡ I'm Mako. Everyone says I look like a fashion model... do you agree? I love giving long erotic massages... try me! Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Manager CommentVery delicate looking, pearly white glossy skin, you'll feel healed by just touching her!!! Mako has a model's looks. Big eyes, great smile, beautiful face! She is always ready to provide her clients with the best rejuvenating and erogenous massage. Please enjoy her fully! You'll be glad to chose this girl!
- Schedule -
4/24 (WED)
4/25 (THU) 14:00 ~ 19:00
4/26 (FRI)
4/27 (SAT)
4/28 (SUN)
4/29 (MON)
4/30 (TUE)