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No.23 Sakura Haruna

Girls NumberNo.23
NameSakura Haruna
SizesT.158 B.88(F) W.59H.86
Charm PointHer eyes
Blood TypeA
Self TrendInstagram
Special SkillsMassage / CBJ
Available OptionsBBBJ/Massage / Mixed-bathing royal lotion/Ear cleanup/Dress-up games
Special BookingDon't need
Self PRHello ☆ I'm Sakura. I like working out and taking care of myself. I love sexy games, so I'm always pleased and very comfortable with my clients! I will do my best to make you feel great! ☆
Manager CommentSakura is a hair stylist with a wealth of experience treating men! She has an extremely sexy and seductive body! Highly recommended!
- Schedule -
3/25 (MON)
3/26 (TUE)
3/27 (WED)
3/28 (THU)
3/29 (FRI)
3/30 (SAT)
3/31 (SUN)