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No.61 Yui Kiritani

Girls NumberNo.61
NameYui Kiritani
SizesT158 B105(J) W58 H86
Charm PointSmile
Blood TypeO
Self TrendHorse race
Special SkillsMassage
Available OptionsMassages / Mix Bath Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Play
Special Booking¥2,000
Self PRNice to meet you, I’m Yui Kiritani. I came here to heal you from Hokkaido (haha) My appeal point is ...boobs, after all? I will give a lot of pleasant things to you with my boobs ♪ I will do my best ! ! Please leave it to Kiriya to heal your mind and body. Say again (haha) My selling point is smooth skin and round boobs (haha) Thank you for waiting ! !
Manager CommentSuper Big Boobs & Super Nice Boobs of【J】-cup ! ! Good to knead, Good to get caught, Good to suck. Please play as you like ♪ Frank and friendly personality. It is said that she loves flirting even on the bed, and she seems to do anything for you if you ask. Good boobs, Good service, Good character ! Please spend the best time with Yui Kiritani who meets all three important conditions today. [Separately transportation fee from 2,000 yen]
- Schedule -
1/16 (WED)
1/17 (THU)
1/18 (FRI)
1/19 (SAT)
1/20 (SUN)
1/21 (MON)
1/22 (TUE)