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No.58 Yuri Shirahama

Girls NumberNo.58
NameYuri Shirahama
SizesT.158 B.87(E) W.59H.84
Charm PointHer smile・Pearl white skin
Blood TypeA
HobbyWatching movies
Self TrendCooking
Special SkillsNipple licking
Available OptionsMassages / Mix-bathing Royal Lotion / Ear Picking / Costume Playing
Special Booking
Self PRHello, my name is Yuri Shirahama. I love giving clients erotic healing massages and hope to make you feel great. I will do my best to meet you again and again, so call me now!
Manager CommentHaving a great erotic aura is how we describe Yuri. She has an excellent balance of erotic massage skills, members are always fascinated by her perfect appearance!!! Beautiful boobs like marshmallows on such a beautiful skin!!! Excitement and satisfaction at its best ♪
- Schedule -
1/25 (SAT)
1/26 (SUN) 24:00 ~ 29:30
1/27 (MON)
1/28 (TUE)
1/29 (WED)
1/30 (THU)
1/31 (FRI) 24:00 ~ 29:30