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No.12 Yuuna Chiba

Girls NumberNo.12
NameYuuna Chiba
SizesT.160 B.86(E) W.56 H.84
Charm PointA nice blowjob
Blood TypeO
HobbyMarathon running, cooking
Self TrendBaking sweets ♡
Special Skills
Available Options
Special Booking
Self PRHello, I'm Yuuna Chiba. Thanks for reading my profile! I will do my best to make you feel great giving you an relaxing... and erotic massage that ends in the best fellatio you can only dream about! See you soon!
Manager CommentYuuna is an incredible, passionate woman. She has charm like no other and her appearance speaks for itself!!!
- Schedule -
3/25 (MON) 19:00 ~ 24:00
3/26 (TUE) 19:00 ~ 24:00
3/27 (WED) 19:00 ~ 24:00
3/28 (THU)
3/29 (FRI)
3/30 (SAT)
3/31 (SUN)