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From Aika


Hello! Everyone!💖(^-^)/

How are you?💖💕🎀❤️

Today I work 24-4 tonight!

please booking me💕💖🎀

I am looking forword to seeing YOU!❤️



Hi, this is Yuuko 🙂

The pic is from Tokyo Disney Sea. That was so beautiful💟💟💟😁

How do you spend your Christmas day?

Now I’m thinking….. Maybe having turkey legs and champagne. If I have gifts from/to anyone special, that would be perfect!

I’ll be here until 3pm, waiting for your call 😘

Yuuko Sakura

Gentlman & Mayu 💖💕


Hello … Gentlman…
I just start this club Mayu work every day 24-3 . 💕👗

Please call me when you want to feel an Amazing time!I like romantic dating.


Huge hug <3


Thank C sama tonight. Enjoy Yakitori tomorrow. It was very nice to talk to you!

Nowadays, there’s a maple season. You can see leaves turned red, amazingly. I think you’re very lucky to visit in this time. I defenetely recommend you to see the beautiful view 🙂 After that, I can give you relaxing & erotic massage for you 💓
Please book in advance, I’ll be here on 12/6 7 8 9.

Enjoy Tokyo!
Yuuko Sakura 🌸

Nice to meet you!❤️I am aika. How are you?💕


Hello , Gentlman!
I am here for the first time.
I’m looking forward to seeing you.
If you have time, I’d really appreciate it if you could reservation Mayu .
For Romantic time! xoxo,..

Merci from Yuuko Sakura


Thanks for using our shop tonight, Mr. I love your sensitive skin which I enjoyed touching so much 🙂 Have a sweet dreams!

Yuuko Sakura 🌸

Next shift

Gentle and gentleman ❤ ︎


Thank you for coming to Tokyo Escort Massage today. I am very happy.

I massaged for a long time, sometimes gently, and violently. I am happy to finish a lot.


Please have a nice night.

welcome to Japan. from Riku Shiraki


welcome to Japan.
I am very happy that you came today.
Thank you!

Thank you very much. ladies and gentlemen. from Riku Shiraki


Thank you again for today.🍀🌺🌸〜

How was the aroma massage and erotic massage?

I am happy if you can have fun.❤︎❤︎

Good morning from Riku Shiraki


Thank you also for 14th.

While always being a bit nervous … It will be a throbbing procedure,


I am massaging with a whole heart.

I will be in the shop next week, so please look forward to it.