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Dear Mr. W ( S ) ,

Thank you for a wonderful time yesterday.
It was great meeting you.
저 기억해요? ( Do you still remember me? )
I hope you still remember me.

Thanks for the gifts. I love them!

You’re too generous:) And, You’re the cute!! ( 귀여워요!! )

Have a safe trip. I don’t want to say goodbye.
다음 만남을 기대하고 있을게요! ( I’m looking forward to seeing you! ) Can’t wait to see you again;)

Best wishes.
( 건강하세요. )


April 1st, 2018🌸


Dear Mr. S,

Good morning♪ How did you sleep? By the way, I slept like a log last night. I fell asleep right away:)

I appreciate the delicious green tea you prepared. I like it.

I think We had a nice chat. I was enjoying it so much. You always have the kindest words for me.
( I still find it difficult to listen to English that is spoken at a fast pace. )
I had so much fun I forgot about the time. Thank you, I was easily able to understand what you told me.

I really appreciate your kindness, Mr. S.

Did you enjoy “my service” yesterday? I’m looking forward to seeing you again.

Best wishes.


Thank You for Your Visit on March 31th.


Dear Mr. L (an attractive guy!!)

How have you been? How is everything? I’m doing good. Hope all is well with you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me yesterday. And, Thank you for the extra time.

I’m sorry sometimes about not being able to catch what you say. I’ll work hard on English to improve it!!

I can’t thank you enough. Words can’t express how much I appreciate your kindness. I’m glad if “my service” helped you in some way.

I miss you. Looking forward to seeing you again.

Best wishes.


Good evening from Ran Katori


It’s getting warmer!
Spring!in the Feeling!
I hope it’s going to be warmer all the time soon.

Finally, the Spring court.

I’ll be waiting for your inquiry tonight.

hello from Akane Shinoda


Hi Akane (• digraphs) ♡

I went to work today ✨
I’m still learning… (><)
If you have time, please come to the warm!

We are waiting for you (・ ω ・ ‘;)

To L♡


English is poor but I tried hard and tried writing.

It was a shame that work was in and it was good parting in the middle of time.

I wanted to tell you more to tell the truth.
But you are busy so it can not be helped (˃̣̣̥ ω ˂̣̣̥)
I am looking forward to seeing you again.

Good look on your work(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
I sincerely support you.


I will make you feel good ♡


Who can call me tonight?
I will do a lot of lip service ♡

Ren ♡

A lonesome night alone


Is not it cold in Japan?
I am very cold.
Please call me quickly.
I want to be nude together, I want to love each other in a bath or bed.
Let's be warm together ♡

Momo ♡

I want to heal you♡


 am on work at 2:30 ('o ̴ - ̷̤ o ̴ - ̷̤')

We are waiting for the teaser ♪

Because it is cold in the rain, please be careful about the cold ♪
I'm glad if you warm your cold body (* '- `*)

Inori ♡

I massage you with my big tits


Good evening “³”) ノ ~ ♡

Today it was a pleasant day during the day ~!
I hope Spring will come soon! A
While thinking, I took a walk.

Let’s warm up together tonight (˙ ꒳ ˙)
I will be waiting ^ ^