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Midsummer From Honoka Oosaki


It’s rainy season but Shing Shing is a strong day.

I’m looking forward to seeing you again today.
Midsummer to evacuate and heal together.
Would you like to spend it? We are looking forward to seeing you.

Five consecutive holidays From Honoka Oosaki


Do you think there are many people from today’s five consecutive holidays?

Please refresh Kokoro and body.

I hope I can help you even a little.

☆ Honoka ☆

Evening From Nanami Yakumo


Hello, everybody.
It has become a time of warm and easy to spend.

I think it’s a little hot.

And… A modest happiness
Thank you for a lovely bouquet

The room was very good

I went to work. From Ren Hasumi


Thank you for coming to see me the other day.
This time it was perfect timing.

The time is really passing quickly. Am I talking too?

And I was very happy to hear a lot of compliments.

Thank you for your valuable present.

Also next time slowly.

♡ Ren

Warm From Aya Hibiki


It was today is good in warm weather.
Another is soon spring (♡ ́ᄌ ‘ ♡)

People’s kshnkschum

Izumi Kawanishi


How do you do.
My name is Izumi Kawanishi.

That was our retiring business about 2 years ago.
Also please let me work.

To be able to meet you am looking forward to.

Izumi Kawanishi

Attendance after a long absence


 ゚ ヽ (* '∀ `) ノ ノ..:. ゚ ❤

18: 00 ~ 24: 00 ⏰
Thanking you in advance

Thanks From Hitomi Yoshizawa


To gentleman whom I met in Akasaka and worked as♡

Thank you for a wonderful invitation today. Japanese was wonderful at the left side of the stage. Please enjoy Japan from now on.


Happy new year!


☆ Happy New Year! ☆
With much appreciation for your business during the past year and best wishes for prosperity and peace year ahead.

The opening of the new year will be on the 3rd (Tue) 12: 00-.

Have a great new year!

Thanks From Hitomi Yoshizawa


To gentleman whom I met in Shinjuku and worked as♡
Thank you for an invitation today. I have beaten fast with you who were wonderful of the smile. Thank you for telling music of rihanna! In addition, come to Japan to play!