Good evening from Mai Nanase

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Yesterday was warm, but also it‘s cold today!
Come in a scantily clad, regret in lol
Without undermining the health care and it is!


Today 4:00 to being accepted, so please call forward


T like
Yesterday is calling me, thank you very much
Gave more massage your body was very hot, so is also able to meet, too glad my pace was too early! lol
And talk and T is really fun and we laugh a lot, you have time Oh that was
Thank you for your consideration
Goods had been so glad
Fewer hours of sleep are very concerned about, but good luck with your body first work.
Looking forward to seeing you again.


H like
Yesterday is calling me, thank you
Just entered the restaurant when you meet for the first time I put a lot of inconvenience, and worried, but also could see gentle H-like face, was really nice to ✨
Travel and cute one-CHAN’s can they show you pictures, talk about local, we are long time together, I was healed in H
Just do your work as usual and looked busy, but, good luck!
I could meet Hlike me

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