I’m happy in December♪ by Admin

Hi, ^-^ my name is Mass.

It’s December from today!
I get excited when the day comes in December.
I♪ feel happy.

I wonder how I’ll spend it.
Just thinking makes it fun!
I have a pretty paranoid habit (laughs)

If you have time, even if it’s a short time
I’m glad you spend time with me.

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It’s over in summer. by Admin

I’m 🍄
Summer is coming to an end before you can enjoy it.

( . . . )

When I went to BBQ, it was pouring 🍄
If you want to hear my summer memories We’re looking forward to hearing from you .

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Hi♡ by Admin

Hi, I’m mass (^-^)
I’m glad that the rainy season has passed.
The sun’s rays are shining. Ice cream and carbonated drinks are endless. Risk…!!

In many ways. If you’re rehydrating, you can’t just drink water. Please take water and salt with me.

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Thank you by Admin

Thank you for the cute cupcake.


I’m not good at hot but I was glad that it was sunny for a long time today.

I’ve been very depressed by the rain lately.;;
Sunscreen is essential again this year😆

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From the staff by Admin

Today’s rookie, Aoi is very good. She has a bright personality, and her appearance is sexy and cute. I envy our customers. Please try to meet her by all means.

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by Admin

Good morning☀
I’m fine today, too. We look forward to seeing you♡

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Long time no see by Admin

Good evening
I went home after a long time and was slow
I look forward to all of you today😘

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Thank you very much! by Admin

Yesterday was my first day of work.
I was happy to meet a gentle elder brother (* ‘-‘)

Thank you very much!
Today, I want to massage a lot of customers!
I want to serve you!

I want to be naughty!
Please come to spend a naughty time with me.

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Good Morning by Admin

Good Morning 😃
I hope to see you again after a long time ✨ I raring I want to massage.
Let me heal you ✨
I look forward to seeing you.
Please come and call me to you (́ ∀ ‘ *)
I’m looking forward to your 💗 💗

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How do you do! by Admin

How do you do! I have an experience shop today.

I am Mochizuki iroha (๑ ˃ ̵ ᴗ ˂ ̵) I am so happy to be told that I was healed by your massage.

I love to massage!

Of course I am happy that I can spend a happy time because I love a naughty massage and also naughty thing 😊 💓

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