Hello November! by Kanon Horiuti

How’s your day going?

I think It’s been good temp for getting along well becuz we naturally want to get closer 😉 haha

I’m looking forward to warming you up😉
would be so happy if you do me back then🥰

Call me 💐Kanon

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Hello💜🧡 by Kanon Horiuti

Hallo 😊
How’s it going?? Halloween’s coming 😉
Let me “treat” you with my heart 💜

I’m excited to meet you!

Call me Kanon 🤗

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How Deep Is Your Love by Kanon Horiuti

I really need to learn ✨♫

Hehe 😉

How’s it going?
Very excited to meet and heal you! For sure 😉
I’m here for you, handsome🤵

Call me anytime😊🧡Don’t hesitate

I’m on my way😜lol

See you later✨

From Kanon.

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Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️ Kanon✨ by Kanon Horiuti

Hi how are you ?

I’m looking forward to meeting you😉💓
I’d like to be called by you, then I’ll put my heart into a massage ✨✨

See you later ✨
Regards😘 from Kanon

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Right now 👍💓 by Kanon Horiuti

Hi, there !

How’s your weekend going 😊
I’m excited to meet you

Like…fun with talking 💓
Love…being by your side without talking ✨

I’m here for your relaxing 😌
Count on me, won’t let you down 😉

Available today: 3pm-12pm
(Next: Sep.9th Sun, 2pm-12pm)

Call me Kanon 😉

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Hello😉 From Kanon No.14 by Kanon Horiuti

How’s it going? 😉

Im looking forward to meeting YOU
Lemme make you better ☺️
I’m ready for it 💪😉

Call me, #14 kanon

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Hi :) from Kanon by Kanon Horiuti

What are you up to ? 😉

I’m excited to see you tonight!
The above pic was when in a hot spring ♨️😉

I’m available for today:
If you want, I can do more! 😉haha

Call me right away 😉
Be my guest and have fun together 💓💓


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Thanks a lot💓🐻 by Kanon Horiuti

Thank you 4 such a cute teddy b😘
For sure keep it at hand 😊
Looking forward to seeing you here again✨✨dear D.O💥😝
The best text book ever Ive seen lol!

Happy because of you guys!
I’m here for you, anytime call me 💓


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From Kanon. by Kanon Horiuti

How’s it goin?
I’m worried about whether you have a heatstroke or not💦💦
Dislike outside💔 wanna chill inside together ✨
I’m available today: 3pm – 11pm
Would like to say hi to you!

Look forward to meet U 😉

Kanon 😉

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Hi 👋 by Kanon Horiuti

It is damn hot these days!!
I hope you haven’t “melt down” 😂

Try me in healing your tiredness and stiffness, not only your body 😉
Chill together ✨💎


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