The beginning of September 🍁 from No.20 Keito by KeitoAida

Good evening! I came here in September 〜〜〜〜

I love saury so much that I can’t stand sashimi!
(If i drink a little bit of sake on this, you know,…?! … AND)

Thank you to those who came to see me last month and the month before last!! .

Again this month, I am looking forward to seeing you again because Aida is cheerful and doing her best.

And I go to work from 20 o’clock today (^ ^).
One Piece for today.
I love green.
I feel like I love everything.
Sauna, saury,

Keito Aida

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Hello 😃 by KeitoAida

It’s getting hotter in the second half of May!

The heat of the daytime might be unbearable for a moment 💧 lol

Thank you very much for the visitor who spent time with me and the other day!
Thank you for this appointment, and for booking with your slip 😊

I was happy to be able to talk a lot after a long time (^^)

I am planning to go to work, but I am going to work with basic, gold, Sat, Sun, moon and Fire!
And I’m going to work at 6pm today 😊

I’m looking forward to seeing you (^^) So, excuse me 🙌
Keito Aida

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Hello(^^) by KeitoAida

Hi 👋 this is Keito
Thank you for meeting last night 🥰
In Tokyo, You will be able to see the cherry blossoms wherever you go.
Have you already done Hanami?haha

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