Good evening by Lili Kuroki

Good evening
It is warm today.
Before going to work
I have washed a lot of clothes. I am sunny and feel good.
I hope I can see you again today.
Look forward!
If you’ll book me by midnight, I’ll be ready to spend a long time with you.

Please contact the staff for details. Contact us by phone 🎀 Lisa Kuroki

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I want to meet you by Lili Kuroki

I came to work from 16:00 today 🎀
I’m flirting with you a lot
I want to.

I want to meet you

I’m looking forward to seeing you.
I’m the other pretty Girls

I would be happy if you could see your profile too!

Guys cute (v. O) ❤️
I like to write a diary 💕💕
💕 Lisa Kuroki

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Hi by Lili Kuroki

It’s a little muggy today!
It’s already summer. I am weak in summer.
So I think I’ll be a little depressed.
But I have a fun thing too.
In summer, I drink white wine with ice or sherbet ice.
I like it 🥂
I feel like I’ve been to the shrine for the New Year’s service recently.

I feel that time passes quickly.
I’m going to work hard ♪

The energy is full. I want to stick with you a lot.

🎀 I’m waiting for you 🎀💕 Lisa Kuroki

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