Hi♪ by Mai Sakurai

It is unusual today to go to work from noon.

(॑ ꒳ ॑ c) Matt
It was raining and it went up 😭
There were many people who were in a dull mood (‘ • ௰ • ‘) ☂ Do not refresh together??


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Please tell me by Mai Sakurai

Since I started working in this shop, I have been happy to heal my customers.
But recently…
I’m starting to feel fun to go to your feet tired of lymphatic massage and hear your painful screams 😎
It doesn’t hurt to have malice! Everyone got a crisp and easy feet!

It says. 😌💕) If there are people who want pain and pleasure together, please tell me 💛

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Hello everyone! by Mai Sakurai

I’m addicted to muscle training and crunchy plums these days 💪
It seems that there is a store umeboshi to stand in Maihama. I am paying attention. 🤔

Mai Sakurai

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Thank you! from Mai by Mai Sakurai

Thank you for a day before yesterday.
I was captivated by your tall and beautiful eyes…
I was passionately asked by you, I had a very nice night.

I would be happy to see you when you came back to Japan.
Please take good care of yourself.

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☆Mr.B☆ from Mai by Mai Sakurai

Thank you for calling the other day🎵
You are a very gentleman, So i was very happy
If the next meet, I want to hear impressions of karate
I am praying to meet again to you☆

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☆Mr.W☆from Mai by Mai Sakurai

Thank you for calling the other day✴
Your smile was very nice💓
And because you Japanese was good, I happy to be able to talk✨
The concert was fun?Let this time impressions😊🎵
Massage was comfortable?You call me if also tired🌠

Thank you for calling the other day🌠
It was a good Japanese!I was surprised😲✨
So I was happy with you and a lot of talk is possible🌸
I want to go to see the koala of Australia sometime🐨🌿
Is massage was comfortable?I’m happy if you are me like it🎵
We’re looking forward to seeing😊💓

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