About my character by Miyu Satou

When a customer talks about my character

・ We settle down
・ Easy to talk
·can relax

When I spend with you, I feel the same as you. You should relax when you are with me. You should enjoy silence. … I want you to relax.
Miyu Satou

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The last day of Heisei by Miyu Satou

Hello, today is the last day of Heisei.
I am resting at home so that I can get well soon (laughs).
I hope you are healthy. Miyu Sato

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I love strawberries! by Miyu Satou

I came to work after a long absence.
My name is Miyu Sato ☺ I had a relaxing time at the café before I went to work. I’m back with strawberries (laughs) ♪

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