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From Nanami Yakumo No,107


Good evening!

Still the cold weather continues.

but Heal me

Filled with love The massage💗

Good evening!(^^♪NO、107 Nanami Yakumo


My big bear  love, Jackie💗
Today is filled with affection
So I’ll call you.
Girls NO、107

byNanami Yakumo

nice to meet you form Ren


My name is Ren Hasumi
Thank you for visitors.
I am at work today

Would you mind please call me 💗
Time 21:00~28:00

I went to work.from Karen


Thank you for a good time yesterday

I think that it seems to be hard to work, but I think it will be hard, but please do your best.

I am also going to work today ♪

So waiting for a call.

☆Mr.B☆ from Mai


Thank you for calling the other day🎵
You are a very gentleman, So i was very happy
If the next meet, I want to hear impressions of karate
I am praying to meet again to you☆

FirstContribution from Rio Saeki



I just went to the office.

From today, 3 days☺


I exert myself💛

Please call me.

No,99 Rio