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❤ go to work on the 5th, ❤ the best healing


My name is No.89 Reika Ichijo.

I’m going to work from 14:00pm on❤ the 5th to the last.

I’m still immature, but I’ll make time to heal you as much as I can!
I want to make the conversation off and have a good time while talking ❤❤
We have a reservation from you!

Year-end and New Year Business Announcement


We are open until 23 o’clock on the 30th (Mon).
We are open from 14 o’clock on Friday, the 3rd.

Thank you very much for your patronage in 2019.
We look forward to your continued patronage in 2020.

From Ema 大家好💕





From Misa (No.31)


Hello, I’m Misa ~ ~ (^ ^ *)

It’s the end of the month.
It’s already December!
Thank you for this month too ~ ☆

Take care of your fatigue this month.
Toward the busy end of the year
Please take care of yourself (• • •).

No.65 Himeko Sashihara Thank you for this wonderful night!♡


Good morning!!♡
I had a wonderful day with customers who came for the first time yesterday.

I will never forget that wonderful day…♡♡
I want to see you again!
I wish it could be a special day for you♡

Today, I will do my best from 21:30 to last!

I want to spend an unforgettable night with you…♡
If time is right, have a nice night with me!

l look forward to hearing from you♡♡



I’m looking forward to hearing from you❤️

No.31 Misa


Hello, This is Misa.

And when i notice, there’s something i am going to wear
It is only what I like.

a white mini dress,
Pink underwear,
Black heel.

There are many styles in the same color.
There are many kinds of white dresses.
I settle it.

Do i need adventure sometimes? (◡ ω ◡ *)

Then, from sexy black underwear…? lol

a small trip from No.23 Nana


I went to Kamakura the other day, and I was surprised that there were so many people! The approach to Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine is just people!! It was like that. I had an image that Kamakura was like eating and walking, so I went around to eat dango and tapioca (^ ^) and after that I went to many shrines to visit. Today I went to work from 20 o’clock until midnight, so please call me if you are there until midnight.

The beginning of September 🍁 from No.20 Keito


Good evening! I came here in September 〜〜〜〜

I love saury so much that I can’t stand sashimi!
(If i drink a little bit of sake on this, you know,…?! … AND)

Thank you to those who came to see me last month and the month before last!! .

Again this month, I am looking forward to seeing you again because Aida is cheerful and doing her best.

And I go to work from 20 o’clock today (^ ^).
One Piece for today.
I love green.
I feel like I love everything.
Sauna, saury,

Keito Aida

No.18 Kokoro


From Kokoro Tsukino.

I am Sleepy, (́ × ω × `)

Because I stayed up late last night.

It is important to sleep properly.

I will do my best in the evening!!!